Monday, November 30, 2009

A Month of Vintage Christmas

I went through a phase where I went to estate auctions. A lot. I even dated an auctioneer and enjoyed the perk of early access to the lots a little too much. I was fueling my passion for vintage Christmas ornaments at a time when I had disposable income. I love love love them. And I have a LOT of them. Way more than I can use each year. Now with two little ones, I am cautious about getting them out. But I love them still, and would like to share them with you all month.
I was away from home this weekend and haven't had a chance to put away all the Thanksgiving and fall decor, so I'm going to start with some pictures from my archives.

This large brandy snifter is from my wedding. We were married on December 28th, and decorated for Christmas. It held red and silver balls then, but I like the Shiny Brites much better!

More wedding leftovers- the lighted garland lined the aisle. The first year in our house, I hung it at the ceiling (where I am still waiting for crown moulding) and decorated it with vintage ornaments.

This brown has replaced the green walls in the other pictures. I removed the glass from an old window and stapled in chicken wire. It gives me a littl peace of mind that little hands won't be able to reach my pretties.

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  1. Welcome to the Vintage Christmas Monday party. I have added your blog to the link list and I see that your first post is already up with a cute Month of christmas header!!! You are a great addition with an obvious love for all things Vintage Christmas! xo Joan, your VCM hostess.

  2. Hello, what a darling way to display your beautiful treasures! Very unique! Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. You have some very nice vintage ornaments and I love the clever way you had them on display! I too well know about auction addiction!!! I went cold turkey a year ago and miss is greatly! Thanks for sharing. Judi

  4. I love the vintage ornaments and what a clever way to display them. My children are grown but I do have a furry child that thinks all decorations are his play toys! This gives me some ideas.

  5. Love your chicken wire idea..I may have to steal it..tee hee
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  6. I too love the chicken wire idea! It looks like a framed masterpiece with all of those beautiful ornaments on it! ~ Theresa