Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chalkboard Picnic Basket

Here goes my first project post! I've been holding onto this "Before" for at least 10 years! I've moved it across four states and kept it in a paid storage unit. Most recently it housed odd spools of Christmas ribbon. Sadly, I didn't stop to take a before picture before transforming this basket into my kindergartner's art basket.

I had actually started a project with this basket right after I first acquired it years ago. I went through a very heavy hand painted wood phase (รก la this lovely cheery cherry napkin holder and salt shaker). Fortunately, I have come through the other side of this painting phase and am better for it. Anyway, I had painted the top of this basket white and then taped it with painter's tape so I could paint red for a checkered tablecloth effect. Get it? Picnic basket. Checkered tablecloth. I am sure there would have been some ants on there, too.

I needed something to store my son's art supplies to keep my one year old out of the crayons, markers and play dough. I thought of this picnic basket gone wrong and dusted off a can of chalkboard spray paint. My son loves it and can easily access his supplies. I love the texture it adds to my living room.

Here's what his art supplies were stored in before- one of these green cardboard Ikea boxes. Great for storage, but not so sturdy for carry around by a little one. This is also a Before of my next project- straighten up my beloved Ikea Expedit shelf.


  1. cute idea!! and very attractive storage option!!

  2. Great idea! If I ever see one of those baskets at a garage sale I am going to snatch it up!

  3. Megan~ yay for you!! I have never seen this and it's such a clever idea. You're on a roll~you go, girl!

  4. Hi Megan ~ What a great idea! I have a basket just like that in my storage room and chalkboard paint - hmmm, maybe I'll have to add another project to my already-long list! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a wonderful day!
    ~Michelle :)
    (Treasure the Moment)

  5. Hey girl, great name! :) Clever idea. I have those boxes too. My favorite color!

  6. Good for you! Having a blog is good motivation to get your projects done. I've also become a slave to looking at the projects of others! Thanks for becoming a follower and I plan to do the same. I'm excited to see what you do...